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No one really knows when Bowling began but anthropologists have found evidence of bowling like games dating back as far as 3200 BC. This makes bowling the one of the oldest sports at over 5000 years old. Bowling was outlawed in 1366 by King Edward to keep his troops focused on practicing archery; this was the first written mention of bowling. Bowling has many varieties including bocce, lawn bowling, duck pin and nine-pin.

One of the most loved or most hated pieces of equipment to the bowler is the bowling ball. A bowler who does well while bowling will brag about how great their bowling ball is and conversely if they are doing poor, they will blame the ball. Many people believe that the heavier a bowling ball is and the harder it is thrown will result in a higher score. This is not at true. Bowling is a game of skill and finesse.

The recommended weight of a bowling ball for women is between 10 and 14 pounds, though the choice of a 13 lb bowling ball is limited because many people consider it to be an odd weight with a limited market. When going to the individual bowling establishments, the bowls maybe color coded to inidcate the weight or their would be a 13 engraved on the 13 lb bowling balls. League bowlers may want to buy a new 13 lb bowling ball, this is a better alternative since there maybe a limited number of 13 lb bowling balls.

On the high end of the 13 lb bowling ball spectrum is the 13 lb Hammer Bowling Ball, the Black Widow Pearl. This ball is excellent on medium oil conditions. On the lower end of the spectrum, is the 13 lb Columbia bowling ball labeled Jazz. It is a blue/green ball that by it`s names says you will have fun bowling. It is a general purpose bowling ball for medium to light oil conditions.